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Racine d'Angélique

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Used to protect itself against the black magic and to push away scoffing attitude . it strengthens the self-confidence and helps us to return to our roots

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Angelica root (Angelica archangelica)



The true angelica, archangelica or officinal angelica (Angelica archangelica) is a species of plants of the Apiaceae family, cultivated as a condimentary and medicinal plant for its petioles, stems and seeds which are very aromatic and stimulating and for its root used in herbal medicine.


Angelica's root will help you for:

Against negative influences: dark magic, evil spirits...


Recovery of physical and mental strength

Vision and spiritual development

Healing - Healing


Herbs to burn on charcoal or store in cloth bags - Ideal for your rituals


Gods / Goddess: Venus - Gabriel Archangel


Planet: Earth: Earth


Elements: Fire


Sold in bags of 30 g


 Do not ingest

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