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Acore improves the spiritual, ideal perception for the meditation - Cure - Success

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Acore (Acorus calamus)


L' Acore Odorant is eagerly named "Acore Vrai","Canne Aromatique","Jonc odorant","Lis des Marais" and "Roseau Aromatique".


Originally from Asia, it was introduced in Europe in the 13th century, for its aromatic, difestive and tonic properties.


It is said to smell because of its leaves, which release a pleasant scent of tangerine as soon as it is crumpled.


Its sword shape brings the Acore closer to the Air element and as such, it is ideal for communication, movement and life. Use its properties for your mediations, for the success of your projects and your healing work


Herbs for burning on charcoal or storing in cloth bags - Ideal for your rituals and magical works  


Sold in bags of 30 g


Do not ingest

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