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Nettle seed

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Nettle is the plant par excellence for protection against occult forces.

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Burning Herbs: Nettle Seeds (Urtica dioica)


Stinging nettles (Urtica) are a genus of the Urticaceae family, which includes about 30 species of herbaceous plants with hairy leaves. There are 11 of them in Europe, including 5 in France. The name nettle comes from the Latin urtica itself derived from uro, "to burn", in reference to the urticating hairs.




Stinging nettle wrestles away negative influences and helps to endure hardships.


Properties :

- Protection against negative influences

- Conjure the evil spell

- Courage in trials

- Against jealousy

- Healing (in a patient's room to speed up his recovery)

- Purification

- Exorcism

- Attracts the fire of love





Gods / Goddess : Mars - Thor - Donar


Planet: Mars


Element: Fire



Sold in bags of 25 g


Do not ingest



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