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» Water: To dare

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Set of 25 natural stone runes in black suede pouch
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Un oracle aussi puissant qu'intuitif !
Laissez la magie de la Lune éclairer votre chemin de toute sa lumière
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Single flap brown leather pouch with a pyrographed pendulum board inside
Handcrafted leather purse, made in France, for pendulums or runes
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Water: To dare

3rd rule: Dare

"He who never has the courage to try, will never do or succeed, and above all, will never evolve!"


The element Water governs emotions, courage, adaptability, intuition. It represents our unconscious and the matrix where all creations are born.


You know your gifts, you have the right equipment, so use your power and witchcraft.



You can find in this section the supports of your power: tarots, oracles, clocks, runes, oui-ja, black mirrors...