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» The Earth: Secrets

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Also called Eldarite stone, this stone acts as a protector and healer that works down to the cellular level
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Zoïsite, also called Anyolite, is a stone of transformation that changes negative energies into positive ones
Zoïsite is the stone of balance, protection and success
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Phlogopite, also known as magnesium mica, dissolves spiritual and metaphysical blockages by providing flexibility
From the mica family, Phlogopite is a release stone
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The Earth: Secrets

The 4th and last law of witchcraft: revealing one's magic to those who do not believe in it or wish it to fail can make it fail. Secrecy is often the best protection and you must choose your confidants carefully.


Earth governs stability, foundations, nature. It represents material, stones, crystals, metals.  The other three elements are present in the Earth, allowing their physical representations.  



It is up to you to seek in the treasures of our Mother Earth all the secrets for your magic: candles, incense, plants, stones, crystals and talismans. And keep it a mystery.