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On March 15, 2024, Dream Catchers would have been 14 years old!


But I've taken the tough decision to dissolve my company on that date. I'd like to thank my many loyal customers (many of whom have become friends) for supporting me over the years.


Occultus, Dream Catchers' second store, will close at the same time. But it should reopen in other form very soon :) follow us on social networks





Welcome to the Occultus website, created by witches for witches!





To practice your magic in a fun and modern way, you will find all the tools, materials, accessories and decorations you have been dreaming of.

The name "Occultus" is a mischievous wink to counter the bad reputation of witchcraft. This Latin term, which means occult, hidden, concealed, secret, serves to shed light on our practices and beliefs. Because it is high time that magic awakens in all of us.

And all this within the rules of witchcraft, of course.

Sorcerously yours
















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Newest arrivals
These mini sun catches are available in six different styles, perfect for decorating gardens and verandas
These mini sun catchers are perfect for decorating gardens, verandas, windows
Product available
A heathen coffer under the protection of the thunder god ensuring strength, healing and fertility Carved with runes which proclaim ' A blessing on this hammer '
Pagan box, ideal for storing your treasures or souvenirs
Dispatched within 1 day
Le Safran véhicule les plus hautes vibrations solaires
Incense reputed to bring strength and abundance
Dispatched within 1 day