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Welcome to the Occultus website, created by witches for witches!



Summer holidays

The internet shop and the physical shop in Langon will be closed from 07/07/2023 to 17/07/2023 inclusive.

You can order on the website without any problem, but no order will be dispatched before 19/07/2023 at the earliest.

I will also reply to your messages as soon as I return.

PLEASE NOTE: stock will not be guaranteed during this period.


To practice your magic in a fun and modern way, you will find all the tools, materials, accessories and decorations you have been dreaming of.

The name "Occultus" is a mischievous wink to counter the bad reputation of witchcraft. This Latin term, which means occult, hidden, concealed, secret, serves to shed light on our practices and beliefs. Because it is high time that magic awakens in all of us.

And all this within the rules of witchcraft, of course.

Sorcerously yours
















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Purifies the mental, emotional and etheric body
Amazonite purifies the soul, mind and body
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Amethyst soothes the mind and brings calm
Use the energetic properties of stones to restore your overall balance from a physical, emotional and mental point of view.
Product available
La vie est tellement plus jolie saupoudrée d'un soupçon de magie ! Et si vous organisiez votre année sorcière ?
Cet agenda de sorcière est fait pour vous !
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