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Welcome to Occultus' website, created by witches for witches!



To practice your magic in a playful and modern way, you will find all the tools, materials, accessories and decorations of which you dreamed.


The name "Occultus" is a malicious wink to counter the bad reputation of witchcraft. This Latin term, which means occult, hidden, hidden, secret, serves to shed light on our practices and convictions. For it is high time that magic awakened in all of us.

And all within the rules of witchcraft, of course.

Yours Sorcerely



Festival Cidre et dragon

Du 21 au 22 Septembre 2019 

Merville (Caen)



The minute Cauldron
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Newest arrivals
A high-quality book of magic spells for your thoughts and your spirit
Book of shadows to put down on paper your rituals, spells and experiences
Dispatched within 1 day
£ 14.34
Native Soul Incense Incense Stick: Purification and Protection
Fumigation is traditionally used by Native Americans to purify places, people and events. which is created
Dispatched within 1 day
£ 1.79
Superb Selenite wand, often used by white witches in healing rituals
An excellent telepathic receiver, it clarifies ideas and stimulates intuition. It acts as an excellent meditation support
Dispatched within 1 day
£ 8.96

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