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Elderberry Flowers

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Elderberry is one of the most magical of all plants and, according to old folk belief, can ward off negative influences from the house, yard and stable.

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Elderberry Flowers


Linked to water and feminine energies, Elderberry will help you with :


- Exorcism

- Protection against all kinds of aggression in the home

- Healing

- Prosperity (to be planted in the garden)

- Sleep

- Forcing an evil sorcerer to cancel his spells

- Good luck

Herbs to burn over charcoal or store in cloth bags - ideal for your rituals


Gods / Goddesses : the Mother Goddesses, Holda, Venus

Planet : Venus

Element : Water


Sold in bags of 20 g


Do not ingest

Elderberry is a nitrophilic plant, so its presence indicates nitrogen-rich soil. Woody elderberries are shrubs with white or cream-coloured flowers that later develop into small bunches of red, blue or black berries.


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