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Wheel of the Year

To be celebrated at the full moon of May - It is the time of divination practice, house protection rituals, plant picking, jumping over fires to ensure happiness and fertility...


Beltaine is the period of predilection for the rites of passage between the cold and warm periods, between darkness and light, between symbolic psychic death and spiritual rebirth.


It is the assembly of the Druids, the fairy festival and the night of the witches.... also called Walpurgis


Deities in the spotlight: Cernnunos, Cerridwen, Flora, Frey, Freja, Diane and Pan


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Postcard from Amandine Labarre in honour of the May 1st Pagan festival
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Spring - 1st May - Celebration of the revival and fertility in communion with the earth and the sky to refill the energies.
Green apple brings happiness and success, attracts love and ensures longevity
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Hanging air freshener from the Dragons of the Sabbaths collection with illustrations by Anne Stokes
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