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» Who are we?
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Wednesday 28 March 2018
Modern witches for today's magic

 Occultus is what?

Occultus is a site created by witches for witches!

To practice our witchcraft in a modern, playful way, without complexes and without taboos!

Because ancient magic is reborn from its ashes. Because more and more of us believe in the energies that surround us, in pagan divinities or spiritual spirits. Because we want or we are different, because we think differently and because we want to live our convictions freely. Or simply to find the tools and accessories necessary for our practices.

Because we want to BE and no longer HAVE.

But even today, it's not easy and we're still facing a lot of obstacles. So Occultus is here to tell you: you are not alone and "Do what you want as long as you do no harm".


Occultus is who?


Occultus was born from the improbable collaboration of different people, with different and varied backgrounds, but who knew how to establish a lasting friendship and mutual respect. This state of mind makes it possible to sublimate the qualities of each one and to attenuate their defects (one blows me in the auricle that Occultus has no defect... ah good).

Thanks to our experiences, our practices and our failures (and yes) we offer you to share our know-how both on a magical and creative level. Some of you may remember La Petite Boite Noire (first gotico-witchy box) or the Witches brand (manor linen embroidery and various artifacts).

Then below is a presentation of the Occultus team :



Self-taught witch

Queen of ecology

To his credit

Coffin Rock: Interior design inspired by magic, darkness and ecology!

La Petite Boite Noire

The Witches

Spiritual path   

Transforming the world into something more evil

Non-practicing magician


Its assets   

Overflowing with imagination

Fairy-fingered designer

Sociable with communicative energy

Impulsive and enthusiastic

Heart of Occultus

Its weak points   

Overflowing with energy (it's tiring sometimes)

A little messy (I hear it's the elves' fault)

Not at all patient (see Fred for any problems encountered)

Hypersensitive (if you find something wrong, see Fred again)




Creations of all kinds

Communication (unless there is a problem, see above)
Know how to make magic Mistress of plants and all that grows

Know how to make magic Mistress of plants and all that grows
What about Occultus?   

Creator of magical ideas

Communication on networks

In charge of videos and tutorials of the Magic Cauldron

Its element Fire






Frédérique dit Freddie dit Fred

Self-taught witch and Apple Branch training

Queen of the organization (Tetris no longer has any secrets for her)

To his credit

Dream Catchers

La Petite Boîte Noire

The Witches

Spiritual path   

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Eclectic Wiccanne, Fairy trend

Practical (under Hecate's protective wing)
Its assets   

Its assets   

Organization of all kinds

Rigour and discipline (remnants of an insurer's former life)


Optimistic: don't despair of becoming a real designer (knitting doesn't count)

Spirit of Occultus

Its weak points   

Pig character (but she can be cured with meditations)

Associable (loses all means as soon as there are more than 5 people at the same time)

Think too much (but old Coffin with grain)

Pessimistic: will never be a real creator (the pots of the spells don't count)


Searching for and finding improbable objects

Outstanding negotiator

Experienced fighter against all administrations and other impediments to going in circles

Expert repairer of all technical problems encountered by customers (she grumbles but she does it)

Knowing how to make magic   

Specialist in magic herbal blends

Communication with fairies and the little people

Preparation of rituals

And at Occultus   

In charge of products (research, shelving, shipping, etc.)

Putting Coffin's magical creations into practice

Monitoring of the clientele and their well-being

Accounting and Administration

Its element Air



Occultus, yes, but why?



There are many other witches and magicians, and fortunately...

There are many sites and blogs about esotericism, and fortunately...

Then why trust us? What are our assets


First of all, Occultus is a site on a human scale with a vision, perhaps phantasmic, of a different exchange between "sellers" and "buyers". Even if we want to live from our profession (eating is good), we privilege contact, respect for our mother nature and quality. Ecology, the non-exploitation of workers, respect for animals, the best way to "consume" are important values in our eyes.


Secondly, we ourselves are witches who constantly work to learn, practice and respect the rules of witchcraft. Therefore, the products or creations that we propose to you were chosen in this sense (we test ourselves, we ask ourselves if we need it, we have favorites and we tell you). But we also know that we don't know everything (smile) and we can't wait to talk with you.


And finally, we worked to make you a secure and secure site:

Choice of carriers for their quality (with tracking and delivery against signature)

Hyper protected payment

Compliance with e.commerce standards and laws