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Rosehips and seeds

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Nettle is the plant par excellence for protection against occult forces.

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Burning Herbs: Rosehips and Seeds (Urtica dioica)


The Dog Rose, Hedge Rose or Dog Rosehip (Rosa canina L.), is a species of thorny shrub of the Rosaceae family, very common in temperate regions of the Old World. It is found in hedgerows and woods, especially in plains. 




The rosehip, despite its bad reputation, is a magnificent plant of protection, positive energy and link with the Little People.  To be used in case of discouragement or procrastination. 


Properties :

- Energy for bewitchments

- Attracts positive energies

- Provides help in all magical actions

- Premonitory dreams

- Anti-Cauchemar

- Keeps the lightning away

- Brings inspiration (poetry)

- Contact with the little people





Gods / Goddess : Venus - Frigga - Innana


Planet: Venus - Moon


Element: Air



Sold in bags of 25 g


 Do not ingest


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