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» Fire: To want

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A resin candle holder decorated with the 12 symbols of the zodiac - For tealights
Candlestick with the 12 signs of the zodiac
Dispatched within 1 day
Burner for essential oils, made of black ceramic, in the shape of a witch's cauldron
Embalm your house with this oil burner with pagan decor
Dispatched within 1 day
Young burns wooden incense - for cones - motive goddess
Incense burner for cones and/or sticks with goddess pattern
Dispatched within 1 day

Fire: To want

The element fire governs energy, faith, strength, passion and by extension will.


According to the second rule of witchcraft:"Without will, without sincere faith, magic has no engine and will go nowhere!"



To help you in the realization of your spells, rituals or elixirs we offer you all the tools and accessories necessary for your magic.