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» Spirit : Occultus

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De l'Intention à la Réalisation, apprenez à faire vos sortilèges et rituels. Apprentissage à la Magie Naturelle par une prêtresse Wiccane
De l'Intention à la réalisation, apprenez à réaliser vos sortilèges et rituels
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Wiccan medallion illustrated with a triple moon, symbol of the Mother Goddess
Beautiful pagan necklace in the shape of an owl
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Wiccan medallion illustrated with the meeting of the moon and the sun
Superb talisman, silver plated, for protection
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Spirit : Occultus

Imagination, sharing, creativity, balance and respect... in short, the Spirit and principles of Occultus 


Because we feel the magic around us, we live in symbiosis with it and we want to share with you our experiences, discoveries and activities.



In this section you will not only discover a witchy decoration but also a wide variety of art magicians, creative witches and workshops.



Because, remember, awaken the magic within you!