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» » » Litha
Wheel of the Year

Fire and Flames, Water and Cauldron 


Nature is at its height and the solar God watches over it. It's the Day of the Great Magic Power.  


It is a time of prosperity, fertility and luck. You make your dreams come true and make life more beautiful. 


Let us use positive energies for this time of love, healing, and protection magic.


To do: renew your protective amulets - make your magic wand - harvest the plants and herbs to dry (picked the same day, their power is increased tenfold) - ideal day for "handfasting".


Divinities in the spotlight: Aestas, Aine, Amaterasu, Anuket, Aphrodite, Brigantia, Ceridwen, Amon-Râ, Apollon, Balder, Thor, Cernunnos, Démeter, Pan, Dyonisos ...


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