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Mistletoe is a plant with many magical and often sacred uses.

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Burning Herbs: Mistletoe (Viscum album)


The Mistletoe, Viscum album, is a species of parasitic plant (hemiparasite), which has no roots but attaches itself to a host tree from which it absorbs the sap through one or more suckers. Formerly harvested by the druids, it is a traditional plant in Europe which, along with holly, is used as an ornament for Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. French speakers also call it bois de Sainte Croix, glu, verquet, blondeau, gu, vert de pommier, bouchon.  



In the time of the Gauls, the druids used to go into the forest to cut the sacred mistletoe on the sixth day of the Celtic year. Always green bush on a tree apparently dead in winter, it symbolized perpetual life. The Gauls called it "he who heals all things"...


Properties :

- Potection

- Chance

- Love (kissing your loved one under the mistletoe)

- Fertility

- Exorcism

- Restorative sleep and sweet dreams (to be placed under the bed)

- Keeps the lightning away







Gods/Goddesses: Apollo, Freya, Frigga, Venus, Odin, Zeus


Planet: Sun


Element: Air



Sold in bags of 25 g


 Do not ingest


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