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Wheel of the Year

Ostara, it is the feast that announces the arrival of spring. This Sabbath of the spring equinox marks the first day of nature's awakening and the perfect equality between night and day. It is the moment to celebrate the awakening of nature and the return of the Great Goddess Mother who is reborn thanks to the hopes of Imbolc.


Ostara is a period of purification and fertility where we think of renewing ourselves, it is the time of beginnings, of actions. It is the moment when we revitalize our thoughts, our dreams, our aspirations, our relationships... March is the month of rituals of growth and therefore, of prosperity. Time to act, to put into action what was planned at Imbolc. It's time to plant if you want to harvest. Ostara's rituals create a link with nature and aim to change things for the future...

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Green apple brings happiness and success, attracts love and ensures longevity
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Hanging air freshener from the Dragons of the Sabbaths collection with illustrations by Anne Stokes
Scented candle, Fairy Mist, egg-shaped for your renewal rituals
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Egg-shaped scented candle for your Ostara rituals
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