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Set of 5 natural stones: Wealth

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Set of 5 natural stones specially chosen for their properties providing care and healing of the mind

Dispatched within 1 day

In a small jute pouch, set of 5 healing stones

Natural stones

Sizes between 1 and 2 cm

Small pouch of 7 x 7 cm

To keep close to you or on your person

Tiger's eye :

- A great stone of protection, it creates a mirror around you that reflects negative energies back to their origin.

- It is a great protective stone that creates a mirror around you that reflects negative energies back to their origin, thus countering the bad thoughts of envious people and minor spells that may be directed at you.

-Helps to identify our needs and preferences both in our life choices and in our relationships.

Green aventurine :

- Calming of the heart

- Anti-stress

- Self-control

- Against preconceived ideas

Carnelian :

- Powerful energy stone, it stabilises, motivates and stimulates.

- It fights negative or morbid thoughts, encourages to go forward and brings success in all fields.

- It favours contacts and relationships by emphasising personal expression and communication.

- It gives courage and enough strength to overcome abuse and believe that everything can change.

Agate moss :

- Helps people who are depressed by giving them confidence in themselves and in life.

- Releases fears and helps to take new initiatives.

- Promotes change. Also a communication stone, it helps people who are too intellectual to become more intuitive.

- Helps to develop our abilities, to feel and to be in harmony with the energies and spirits of nature. It is the ideal stone for farmers and gardeners.

- Develops our vision of inner beauty.

- Connects to the earth and keeps negative energies away.

Jade :

- Symbolises virtue and power

- Promotes meditation and facilitates the interpretation of dreams

- For spells of abundance, prosperity, love and luck

- To be used at Shamain or at the loss of a loved one

- Contact with spirits and fairies

- Increases feelings of peace, harmony and well-being

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