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Petrified wood - Rolled stone

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Are you a little too distracted or still in the moon? Petrified wood is an excellent anchor stone

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Petrified wood -To allow you to be in the present moment and avoid the illusions created by your mind


Properties :

Anchor Stone - brings us back to our roots, to the knowledge of the ancients

Get rid of bad habits

Reconnects to reality and moves forward

Brings spontaneity

Stone of courage and adversity - helps to overcome periods of stress


Lithotherapy :

Strengthens the bone structure (excellent for the elderly) - Strengthens the nervous system - Vitality and energy - Strengthens the heart and spleen

Divinities: linked to the Earth - Gaia - Geb

Chakras : Root

Purification :
Cleaning: distilled water
Reloading: Sun - Quartz cluster - Amethyst geode

Description :

It is a wood invaded by jasper, chalcedony and sometimes opal by pseudomorphosis. It dates back about 200 million years - Family : Quartz - Colors : white veined with grey - Deposits : USA - Brazil - Argentina


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