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foam agate - Rolled Stone

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Moss agate is a stone that builds self-esteem and strength that persuasion

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Rolled stone: Moss agate

Agate is a stone that builds self-esteem and strength that persuasion. It appeals to the environment in which it finds itself

Properties: It helps depressed people by giving confidence in oneself and in life. It frees fears and helps to take new initiatives. Promotes change Also a communication stone, it helps people who are too intellectual to become more intuitive
Helps to develop our abilities, to feel and to be in harmony with the energies and the spirits of nature. It is the ideal stone for farmers and gardeners. Develop our vision of inner beauty. It connects to the earth and removes negative energies.

Lithotérapie: The foam agate brings peace, calm and relaxation. Effective against mild diabetes to rebalance blood sugar levels. It strengthens the energy of the spleen-pancreas couple, it stimulates the kidneys. Fight against viral infections and eliminate toxins.
Moss agate promotes childbirth.
This mineral is also used to cleanse and clean irritated skin.

Chakras: heart

Deities: Stone of the earth and nature
The protective deities of nature

Purification: Cleaning: water, salt, crystalline cluster

Reloading: Sun - Quartz Cluster - Amethyst Geode

Description: Colorless chalcedony in which are included green silicate, chlorite, magnesium oxide and iron which give it its appearance of foam. Main deposits: Madagascar, India, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Russia, United States

Under no circumstances can minerals be used as substitutes for your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy relate mainly to the tradition, for effects generally noted, but not verified scientifically.
In case of medical problems, only your doctor is authorized to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.

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