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» » » Set of 5 natural stones: Friendship

Set of 5 natural stones: Friendship

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Set of 5 natural stones especially chosen for their properties bringing an opening towards the others and the reinforcement of the friendship

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In a small jute pouch, a set of 5 stones that encourage openness to others, the strengthening of bonds and the discovery of new friendships

Natural stones

Sizes between 1 and 2 cm

Small pouch of 7 x 7 cm

To keep close to you or on your person

Turquoise :

- Curative

- Soothing

- Against anger

- Increases empathy

- Personal growth

- Communication and listening

- Intuition and meditation

Green aventurine :

- Calming of the heart

- Anti-stress

- Self-control

- Against preconceived ideas

Hematite :

- Strengthens the being by bringing endurance, tenacity and willpower.

- Lets the temperament and willpower of each person express themselves so that they can commit themselves fully to their projects or their life path

- brings vitality and dynamism in your life

Red Jasper :

- Helps to overcome periods of great nervous or physical fatigue by restoring deep and lasting energy.

- Gives strength and courage to assert oneself and to face life's difficulties.

- Worn around the neck for a long time, it invalidates inferiority complexes, anxieties and apprehensions.

Unakite :

- Strengthening, restorative, healing effect.

- Learns not to devalue oneself after failures.

- Stone of vision, it allows you to clarify your mind

- Removes blockages from your past

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