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Protection - Hand-made incense

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Rosemary, rue and frankincense call upon the natural forces of mother earth and create energy in its purest state

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Made from natural resins (rosemary, rue and olibanum), carbon and salt, and bonded with a plant-based binder.

Sagrada Madre incense sticks are unique incense made by hand in Argentina.

Each pack contains 8 sticks that burn for around 60 minutes.

Rosemary, rue and incense draw on the natural forces of Mother Earth to create pure energy.

Together, they purify and protect places, objects and people, attracting balance and harmony.

Vinruta is native to Ecuador and is known in English as "Herb of Grace".

Rosemary enhances memory and concentration, making it suitable for use at home and at work.

Mild, sweet, herbaceous fragrance with notes of mint and sweet resin.

Warnings - instructions for use

Place in an appropriate incense burner.
Do not leave incense burning unattended.
Keep out of reach of children.
Ventilate well.

Product specifications

Number : 8 sticks
Weight : ±30 gr
Burning hours: ±60 min
Size cm : ± 22.8 cm
Country of origin : Argentina

Sagrada Madre
Sagrada Madre means "Holy Mother", Pancha Mama, and this name reflects the way they treat the Earth's resources. To harvest Palo Santo, Sagrada Madre only uses old tree branches that have fallen naturally from the tree. They work directly with indigenous communities in Peru and Argentina to plant Palo Santo trees and combat deforestation. What's more, Sagrada Madre makes sure they plant more trees than they use.

All Sagrada Madre incense variations are carefully packaged in attractive natural packaging material to create the least possible impact on the environment.

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