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Incense Hem : Mugwort

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Use mugwort incense sticks for your own purification ceremony or for witchcraft rituals

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Incense sticks : Mugwort



Mugwort incense helps to cleanse spaces of negative energy. This plant has a spicy fragrance and has been known as a medicinal plant for thousands of years.



Also called Fire Herb, it will provide you with:

- Purification

- Protection

- Clairvoyance.
- To transmit good energies
- To be burnt at the summer solstice during a ritual to discover our inner self and to stay in touch with the messages of our unconscious.

Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) has been used in phytotherapy for thousands of years.

For example, some eastern peoples used this plant in acupuncture. The needle was heated with it to increase the effect of the treatment. Mugwort is still used for this purpose!

The Romans put mugwort in their shoes during long walks. It made their feet less tired. Mugwort probably owes its name to this.

The spicy smell of mugwort repels mosquitoes and is said to give courage.

Incense sticks are made in India using the traditional masala method. The use of natural raw materials such as oil, leaves and resin creates an authentic scented product. It is known for its attractive and surprising scents.

Box containing about 8 sticks or 15 grs. Burns in about 30 minutes

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