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Goloka Incense: Basil

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Basil incense will be perfect for your luck and prosperity rituals

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Incense sticks : Basil

Basil or Roman Basil is a species of herbaceous therophyte plant in the Lamiaceae family. The plant is sometimes called Common Basil, Basil for sauces, Royal Herb or Great Basil.

Considered as a plant to ward off misfortune, witches use basil in many rituals (preparation of sabbaths, prosperity rituals, driving away evil and anger...)

This perfume is composed with basil as the main ingredient: a plant that can be consumed for various purposes (raw) and that has a beneficial effect. For Hindus, it is one of the most important medicinal plants, which acts as an analgesic and aids the digestive process.

Properties : Attracts luck and prosperity - Protection - Against anxiety - Spirituality - Exorcism

Gods / Goddesses : Erzulie - Vishnu

Planet : Sun - Jupiter - Mercury

Element : Fire - Water - Air

A combination of herbs and resins, flowers and honey and fragrant oils gives wonderfully fragrant Goloka aromas. A single stick of incense has an average burn time of 30-40 minutes.

Box containing 12 sticks approx. 15 grs

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