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Sacred Garden - Incense Fleur de Vie

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The sacred garden incense will be perfect for guided visualisations which will be both healing and soothing for the soul

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Fleur de Vie Incense: Sacred Garden

The incense "Sacred Garden" invites you into guided, healing and soul-soothing visualisations through famous gardens that actually exist: think of the garden around churches (Maria gardens) and temples.

After all, nature is a part of many religions and nowhere else is one in close contact with the divine than in a sacred garden. Already in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India or China, gardens (Zen gardens) with sacred trees were created for religious and spiritual gatherings. They could experience the inspiration of nature.

Fleur de Vie is a series of chic incenses with authentic and unique fragrances. The flower of life contains a blueprint of the whole of creation. This symbol can be found in many ancient civilisations, including Indian and Egyptian temples. But you will also find this symmetrical symbol in Greece, Israel, Japan and China. It is the fundamental form of time and space. Its sacred geometry is found in various esoteric movements as a powerful spiritual symbol with a mathematical background. With its 19 circles, it is currently known for its use in the New Age movement and represents unity consciousness.

These incenses are made in the ancient Tibetan tradition and their aromas are as powerful as they are intoxicating. Fleur de Vie incense contains no charcoal and is made only from non-toxic substances.


Box containing approximately 14 sticks (15 grs). Burns in about 40 minutes


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