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Mayan myrrh - Ethno tribal incense

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Myrrh, in addition to its pleasant, warm and earthy scent, can also have several benefits in magic: breaking spells and curses, protecting from psychic attacks

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Myrrh's magical influences are spirituality, meditation and healing


- Awakens consciousness to spiritual reality

- to be used before or after rituals

- calms fears, calms fear of tomorrow

- Meditation

- accelerates physical healing


Deities: Hunab Ku

Hunab Ku in Maya means "The only God". Mentions of Hunab Ku are found specifically in colonial sources of Mayan history after the Spanish conquest.
Hunab Ku is at the centre of the Milky Way. A symbolic spiritual significance is also attributed to this place. It is claimed that Hunab Ku shaped the universe from a white disc and that he is the one who constantly gives birth to new galaxies and astral bodies.
He is also considered the originator of all consciousness in the universe.
New Age authors believe that Hunab Ku was the original creator of the universe and that he lived at the centre of the Milky Way.
It is also claimed that the Maya were great astronomers and observed the stars and placed Hunab Ku at the centre of the universe.

    Composition: Hand-rolled quality incense sticks made from resin and plant material.
    Burning time: 30 Minutes
    Weight: 15 grs
    Height: 23.5 cm

A prayer of purification

    I release all energies that are no longer

    for my greater good.

    I ask that only love, light, health, wealth

    happiness and abundance fill my space.

    And so it is.

About Ethno Tribal:

Their emblem refers to the warrior. This warrior represents the afterlife and gets his strength and courage from the eagle. It also represents the tribal origin of the warrior.

Banjara's commitments

    Banjara incense is environmentally friendly.
    They are entirely handmade.
    Every purchase of Banjara products supports the livelihood of indigenous workers in India
    Every purchase of Banjara products supports the association.
    We do not test any of our products on animals.
    The quality of our products is always our top priority.

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