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Celestine - Forme Libre

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With the Celestine, you will feel safe, protected and surrounded by attracting to you helping and protective spirits

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Natural stone : Celestine


Celestine, also known as Angel Stone, promotes inner peace by helping you to become aware of your desires and to move forward in coherence


Properties :

- Relaxation

- Externalises your true identity

- Helps to build confidence in yourself, in others and in life

- Develops imagination

- Sense of material responsibility

- Communication with guardian angels

- Brings maternal love (ideal for children who cry a lot)

- Counteracts shyness by providing confidence

- Improves relationships and strengthens negotiation skills

- Stimulates creativity

- Helps to think clearly

- Increases awareness of one's desires

- Attracts benevolent and protective spirits

- Stimulates clairvoyance and dream recall

- Trust in divine wisdom

- Meditation

Lithotherapy :

- Supports the bone system

- Calms eye strain

- Strengthens the kidneys and calms urinary tract infections


Chakras : Throat

Divinities : related to wind - Angels


Purification :

Cleansing: Incense, fumigation, quartz (no water or salt)

Recharging : Moon

Description: Celestine, also called celestine, is a stone naturally composed of strontium and sulphur. It belongs to the sulphate group. Its structure forms a complete isomorphism with baryte. Strontium, which is an alkaline earth, gives a solid solution with baryte but also with anhydrite or calcium sulphate. Celestine is a fairly abundant natural stone. It is characteristic of evaporites, which are rocks made up of mineral salts. It is a mineral with a rather dense, fibrous structure like baryte. This stone contains impurities generally coloured blue-green, light red, brown or red-brown or yellow due to the presence of sulphur

Deposits : The most important deposits of Celestine are found in Germany, England, Austria, the USA, France, Canada, Italy, Madagascar, Libya, Mexico, Poland, Tunisia, Slovakia and Russia.


Free form - Same as photo - Natural stone

Approximate dimensions ;

Length: 8.5 cm

Width : 7 cm

Height : 6.5 cm

Weight : 480 grs



Under no circumstances can or should minerals replace your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy relate mainly to tradition, for effects generally observed but not scientifically verified. In case of medical problems, only your doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

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