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» » » Pendant in steatite : Valknut

Pendant in steatite : Valknut

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Pendant made of soapstone, set with leather and hand painted with pagan symbols, signs and pictograms. Handcrafted and unique piece

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Beautiful pendant representing the Viking symbol Valknut : The knot of the slain


From the Old Norse Valr "slain warriors" and Knut "knot", the alknut symbol is associated with the God Odin, evoking valour and death in the sense of liberation of the soul.

The intertwining of its three triangles contains the symbolism of 3 and 9 (three sides per triangle), which are essential in Norse mythology: the 3 roots of Yggdrasil with the interconnection of its 9 worlds.

Each triangle is also associated with a kingdom: earth, hell and heaven.

The Vlaknut represents the past, present and future of the 3 norms, the Goddesses of Fate.

Thor has his hammer, Odin his symbol. And it is through this symbol of the Valknut that Odin exercises his power to bind or unbind the minds of men.


Hand-painted pendant on soapstone from Madhya Pradesh, central India.

The paint is protected with a layer of thermosetting resin which ensures the finish.

The setting is made with leather cord.

The whole process is done by hand, from rough cutting with a saw to varnishing with a brush.

Soapstone has calming and soothing properties. It is used to calm and stabilise the mind. It is also used to improve communication and socialization.

Approximate size: 4 x 3 cm

As each stone is unique and different, differences in colour and size may occur

Sold without cord

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