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Baroque Bracelet: Yellox Opal

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Throughout different civilizations, it has always been considered a natural good-luck charm. It is said to protect against all kinds of spells.

Dispatched within 1 day

Natural stone bracelet mounted on elastic - Extra quality - Wrist size from 16 to 24 cm

Yellow opal also contributes to emotional balance and the search for inner peace.

Properties :

- Improves mood

- Erase sadness to make way for joy and positivity

- Regain self-confidence and self-esteem

- Dispels doubts

- Stimulates creativity and imagination, encourages artistic expression and the discovery of new ideas

- Emotional balance and the search for inner peace

- Promotes clairvoyance

- Helps avoid procrastination

- Improves human relations by facilitating interaction

- Personal development


- Strengthens the immune system and helps fight various illnesses and infections

- Restores hormonal balance, particularly in women suffering from menstrual disorders or the effects of menopause

- Treatment of various disorders affecting the digestive system, such as stomach ulcers, constipation, colic, etc.

- Also promotes healing of wounds and injuries by accelerating the healing process

Chakras :

Solar plexus

Purification :

Cleansing: incense, fumigation, geode

Recharging : Moon - rock crystal


Description :

Commonly known as yellow fire opal, this stone can be recognized by the variation in color from pale to bright yellow. However, some can also be shades of orange or red.

Yellow Opal was first observed in Australia, where it was formed several thousand years ago. The stone is abundant in Australia, which is currently the world's leading producer. However, the main deposits are found in various mines in the Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs regions.

Being of organic origin, Yellow Opal consists mainly of hydrated silica and other mineral elements.


In no case can or should minerals replace your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy are mainly related to tradition, for effects generally noted, but not scientifically verified. In case of medical problems, only your doctor is entitled to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.


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