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Essential oil: Muscle Melt

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100% essential oil for diffusers and burners

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Essential oil: Muscle relaxation


Extracted from the wonderful, natural sources that Mother Nature lavishes on us, "Essentials Aromatherapy" oils are created to help you enhance your daily rituals.


Mixture of essential oils :


- Chamomile

- Lavende

- Peppermint

Bottle of 10 ml


Vegetable oils are necessary to dilute pure essential oils. Can only be purchased for its benefits.


100% natural, these oils are made in India and comply with European standards.

Made from natural extracts, this oil can be used in aromatherapy.

The aromatherapy is a complementary care in the traditional medical care. It is very estimated in the Asian medicines and becomes it more and more in West.


It is strongly recommended not to apply the only essential oil to the skin. She can cause burns, allergies, and the other irritations of the skin. We recommend you to apply the oil with a vegetable oil.

The ingestion of essential oil has therapeutic purposes must be overseen by a doctor or a qualified influencer. The oil is certainly natural, but can present a danger without precautions of use.


Precautions for use:

Essential oil is very active and very concentrated substances the use of which imposes to respect the following precautions for use:

> Not to leave within the reach of the children > essential oil is reserved for an external use

> In case of accidental absorption, to call the center anti-poison without waiting

> not to apply essential oil to the following physical zones: ano-genital parts, auditory canal, eyes

> Certain essential oil in particular those rich in phenols (thyme, clove, oregano) are irritating for mucous membranes and must not be used in atmospheric distribution

> Some essential oil is photosensibilisantes (lemon, orange, bergamot orange, grapefruit) it is disadvised to expose itself to the sun after their application.

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