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Divinatory cards on the theme of spirits and ghosts. Ideal for medium
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Tarot : Haunted House

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A captivating card game with cards that suggest a fascinating story

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Tarot: Haunted house



Author: Sasha Graham

Illustrations: Mirco Pierfederici

Edition: Lo Scarabeo

best-selling author Sasha Graham joins forces with Italian popular artist Mirco Pierfederici to bring you an exciting card game whose cards suggest a fascinating story.


As you draw the cards, you will accompany the naive Raven Wandsworth (represented by the Madman's card), who finds herself in a mysterious haunted house.


As you walk with her, map by map, you will unlock the rooms and discover the true, romantic and frightening story of the mansion while discovering the forgotten origins of the "Archetypes".


78 cards

11 x 6 cm


This game contains a very complete explanatory booklet in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian, allowing an excellent introduction...


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