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Une vrai réussite dans le domaine gothique. Enfin un jeu de tarot à l'image de sa créatrice, la célèbre artiste Anne Stokes
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Gothic Tarot

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One truth success in the Gothic domain. Finally a game of tarot just like her creator, the famous artist Anne Stokes

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Illustration with Anne Stokes - 78 cards of tarot in color and notebook of instruction

Mélant some of her existing works of art and some recent paints made specially for her, this Gothic tarot is a totally new creation.

The presented themes remain classic and inescapable in the kind of the cup in the vampire, by the pentacle to the skeleton, the swords to the angels...

The notebook of support contains all the texts written specially to explain the themes and the meaning of cards.

Size 7 x 12 cms

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