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Smudge: Cinnamon and Anise

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This smudge is made with cinnamon and aniseed to attract economic prosperity and love.

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Hand-tied smudge made from aromatic herbs, natural resins, natural binder and essential oils. The centre of the fumigation stick is made up of cedar, laurel and eucalyptus.


It spreads a spiritual atmosphere, stimulates sexual desire and promotes clairvoyance. It also contributes to success by keeping negative vibrations at bay...
Smudges create an intense smoke screen during rituals and ceremonies for deeper connection and purification. This esoteric incense is best used during outdoor ceremonies or in more airy spaces such as yoga studios and retreats.

1-Light the fumigation stick with a lighter or candle. You don't need charcoal.

2-Place in a non-flammable container that doesn't heat up. It can be made of ceramic, cement or stone.

3-Clean the whole house or the room where you want to do the energy cleaning.

4- Wait for the leftovers to cool down before throwing them away. You can throw them in a pot because they are leftovers from natural products and the ash provides nutrients for the plants.


Dimensions: 11 x 3 cm



Use for smudging.

Sold individually



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