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» » » » Smudge stick : White Sage & Eucalyptus

Smudge stick : White Sage & Eucalyptus

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Sage and Eucalyptus combine to purify and heal

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White Sage and Eucalyptus Stick


Fumigation is traditionally used by North American Native people to purify places, people and events.



This high quality incense is a very powerful purifier...



The use of Eucalyptus in magic serves to call for protection, harmony, healing. By extension, it is very useful in rituals against evil spirits.


Combine white sage and Eucalyptus for rituals against evil spirits.

Once the stick is lit, extinguish the flame by shaking the stick in the air to disperse the smoke and purify the area where you are.


Dimensions: 11 cm x 3 cm 

Sold individually


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