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» » » Pendant in silver : Labradorite

Pendant in silver : Labradorite

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Natural stone and silver pendant - drop shape

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Pendant in silver : Labradorite


The stone of excellence for protection. It builds a barrier and brings clarity of mind.

Pendant made of natural stone and guaranteed silver 925/1000. Dimensions of the pendant: 2.2 x 3.2 x 0,8 cm

Properties :

Famous for its protective abilities, it creates a shield against negative influences. It is thus the stone of therapists, doctors or any other role of help to people in difficulties. Besides its barrier capacity, it is also a stone that develops intuition, deep sensitivity and brings great clarity of mind.


It brings ease and harmony in human relationships and supports the body against rheumatism and joint problems

Chakras :

Solar plexus - Heart

Purification :

Cleansing: Salt water

Recharging : Sun - quartz or amethyst mat

Description :

Origin of the name: Labrador (site of the 1st discovery) - Family: Feldspars - Colours: Blue, green with metallic reflection - Deposits: Madagascar

In no case can or should minerals replace your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy are mainly related to tradition, for effects generally noted, but not scientifically verified. In case of medical problems, only your doctor is entitled to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.





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