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Ambre : Incense Stamford

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The amber is a natural gum which cleanses the air and dissipates bad smell

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Incense sticks: Amber


Amber has a purifying, protective action, liberates from evil dorces and evil spirits.


Promotes the gift of clairvoyance

Amplifies magical vibrations

Lead your prayers to the destination

Incense favorable to love, calms anxiety and increases spiritual wisdom.


Amber is a natural gum that purifies the air and dissipates bad smells. Amber incense has a woody scent that helps create a perfect balance and brings calm.


Incense made in the purest Indian tradition, 95% natural.


In magic practice, incense is used to represent the element of air and to use the properties of herbs in rituals.


Each package contains about 20 sticks of incense. They are made only from raw materials, and their packaging is recyclable.


The average burning time is 30 minutes per stick.


Each hexagonal pack contains about 20 sticks.

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