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Athamé from ancient Scottish tradition
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Athamé: Sgian dubh scottish

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Small Scottish knife, also called dark blade

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Athamé: Scottish Sgian dubh


This small athamé sgian has a black moulded plastic handle to make the athamé light, a single-edged blade and a black scabbard.

The Sgian Dubh (pronounced skin dou in English, and skiane du in Gaelic) (meaning dark blade in Gaelic) is the small single-edged knife that makes up the traditional Scottish outfit known as "Highland dress".

Originally used for eating and preparing fruit, meat, cutting bread and cheese, as well as for other everyday uses such as cutting materials and for protection.


the Athame is linked to the Cosmic Element of Fire.


Total length: 18 cm

Blade length: 9 cm


Sold only to adults


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