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Selenite Athame : spiral

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Ritual dagger used during ceremonies and magic rites of Wicca

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This selenite athame can be used to direct high vibrational energy through your aura, to cleanse, clarify and purify your energy and chakras.


Selenite is wonderful to work with and can help protect you, bring you luck, keep you calm and can bring you joy!

Do not get it wet as it decomposes. Fragile stone

19 cm Selenite Athame 

Sizes and shapes may vary slightly and natural lines and inclusions may appear.

From Morocco

Used to mark the boundaries of the magic circle, to draw various symbols or signs on various supports or in the air, to channel magical energies, to mix ingredients for potions, or to repel unwelcome "demons", "ghosts" or other "evil spirits" during various Wicca ceremonies and practices. The athame is used to charge the magical intensity to an amulet, a talisman.
The Athame is linked to the Cosmic Element of Fire.

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