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» » » Mabon
Wheel of the Year

Mabon or The Second Harvest Festival or The Mysteries of Eleusis


It's time to prepare for winter: harvest the last crop, plant the bulbs for next summer, clean his house, finish the actions started...





To do :  

Fall Purification 

Processing of seasonal fruit: into wine, jam, preserves...

Assessment of completed actions and those to be completed, plan new objectives

Meditation and introspection

Start a new activity to spend the winter (patchwork, learn a musical instrument, prepare a reading corner... ) 


Divinities in the spotlight: Demeter, Ceres, Cernunnos, Bachus


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The sage is a powerful purifier - Expel the devils and evil spirit and causesprovokes) the luck in all the projects. Favor the meditation
Herbs for burning as incense, use in natural and ritual magic
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