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Incense backflow cones - Dragon Blood

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Giant incense cones for backflow incense holders: Protection

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Incense cones - Dragon blood


The "Backflow" incense cones have the particularity of being pierced at their base, thus causing a phenomenon of smoke emission by downward aspiration....

These incense cones are to be used exclusively with the "backflow" incense holders provided for this purpose 


Used for centuries by Amerindians in purification rituals and purification ceremonies, the distinct and clean scent of white sage is supposed to drive away all evil spirits. Dragon blood, which comes from the bright red resin produced by different tree species, is also used in the same way to create a protective barrier and eliminate negative energies.



Dragon blood
Exorcise, drive out demons, purify, protect from evil and negative forces, attract love, base to amplify the power of other incense, increase magical power, neutralize negative vibrations, strengthen positive vibrations.



Package size: 10 cm x 10 cm -100 grs

Cone dimensions: 3 cm x 1 cm

24 cones per package

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