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Incense Hem : White Magic

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It is a very feminine fragrance with which you will reconnect with the Goddess of the Moon

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Incense stick : White Magic


The base of this delicious perfume is made of flowers, spices and resins. It is a very feminine scent with which you can make all your requests to the Moon Goddess.

White magic is a well-known phenomenon in nature religions and fertility cults. In contrast to black magic, white magic serves good intentions.

Green Tree incense symbolises the precious natural products that one discovers on journeys across continents, in all kinds of cultures and in unknown corners. It brings back a backpack full of treasures, which you will find in the pure fragrance of "White Magic".

These incense sticks are hand-rolled in the traditional method of natural masala
Packed in plastic bags to ensure that the fragrance is well preserved
Strong fragrance in a short time

Masks unpleasant odours
When using an incense burner, the ashes can be removed effortlessly.


Dimensions: 22 cm

15 grs

20 incense sticks

Burning time: approx. 45 minutes

Sold individually


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