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Lot of 6 boxes of incense with exotic fragrances
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Lot 4 Incenses: Tree of Life

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This beautifully wrapped gift set contains four packs of incense sticks and features a remarkable design of the Tree of Life.

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Incense: Tree of Life


Incense sticks, set of 4 boxes 


Awaken your senses and open your mind with this magnificent incense set decorated with the Tree of Life.

In this lot you will be able to discover different fragrances creating an ideal atmosphere for relaxation or simply for the pleasure of scenting your home.


CONTAINS: Asian Spice - Jasmine - Sandalwood - Patchouli


The incense sticks are made only from raw scented materials, the packaging is completely recyclable.


The sticks burn out in about 30 minutes.


Each box contains 14 incense sticks for a total of 56 sticks.


In magical practice, incense is used to represent the element of air and to use the properties of herbs in rituals.

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