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Incense Green Tree : Himalayan Rock Salt

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Benzoin Incense is a powerful home purifier

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Incense sticks : Himalayan Salt Crystal



Considered a great purifier, Himalayan salt incense attracts positive energies and brings well-being


Himalayan salt, also known as halite, is a salt crystal estimated to be over 180 million years old and comes from dry oceans.  

Our well-being depends on the proportion of positive and negative ions in the air.

Scientific research has shown that salt crystals neutralise the air from excess positive ions - from electronic smog, screens or cigarette smoke.  These are said to cause depression and apathy.

The use of salt crystal balances the electrical charge of our living and working space.

The use of Himalayan salt in personal care products, food or incense is an ancient way of purifying the environment and the body.


When you light an incense, a magical atmosphere is created...

Incense made in the purest Indian tradition, 95% natural.

Box containing about 20 sticks

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