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» » » Boline or druidic serp - wood


Boline or druidic serp - wood

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Superb crescent-shaped knife

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Druidic boline : Moon Crescent



Handmade of stainless steel with a wooden handle, the Boline is the traditional druidic tool used to harvest magic herbs.


Caution: the blades are not sharpened.


The two cutting edges of the serpentine have different uses: the inside is used for cutting and pruning branches and stems, and the outside crescent is used to chop leaves.


The bolline (also spelled "boline" or "bolleen") is a ritual knife with a white handle, one of many magical tools used in Wicca and other ritual magic practices. Unlike the athame, which in most traditions is never used for physical cutting, the bolline is used to cut ropes, chopsticks and herbs, sculpt candles, etc.


Black leather case with belt loop


Total length: 30 cm

Blade length: 15 cm



Sale only to adults


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