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Talisman of protection and symbol of occult magic
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Pendant 7 Chakras - Mother Goddess

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Small natural stone pendant. Representation of the Mother Goddess decorated with the 7 stones of the chakras

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Chakra Pendant: Mother Goddess



The white goddess is associated with sacred femininity and the moon. Decorated with the 7 stones of the Chakras, it will accompany you during all your practices.



Dimensions :

Height: 4 cm

Width: 3 cm

Weight : 15 grs

Composition :

7 natural stones: Amethyst - Lapis lazuli - Aventurine - Turquoise - Tiger eye - Red agate - Carnelian

Silver plated metal belter

Black cord from 44 to 50cm


The 7 Chakras:

The word chakra means "wheel of energy". They designate the centres of light and energy in our body that extend from the base of the vertebral column to the crown of the head.


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