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Star anise (Badiane)

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White sandalwood conjure up evil spell and break bad luck

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Star anise (Fructus anisi stellati)



Chinese star anise, or star anise, is a variety of anise, fruit of the Chinese badian (Illicium verum), used as a spice in cooking. The fruit is composed of a woody polyfollicle with eight carpels each containing a brilliant seed. It thus forms a very characteristic eight-pointed star, hence the vernacular name of star anise.


Star Anise increases your psychic and personal powers

- Clairvoyance

- Psychic powers (premonitory dreams, astral projection, divination ...)

- Chance and harmony

- Protection

- Fertility



Gods / Goddess: Apollo - Mercury


Planet: Jupiter


Element: Water


Sold in pack of 20 g


Herbs to burn on charcoal or keep in cloth pouches - Great for your rituals and magical work


Do not ingest

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