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Spirit dolls of Occultus

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Création de votre poupée magique ou animal esprit pour apporter protection, santé, harmonie, guérison, succès ... dans votre foyer ou lieu professionnel. Personnalisable selon vos besoins et objectifs

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Initial questionnaire

Your Spirit Doll will serve as a messenger or guardian and establish the connection between your purpose and the Universe.

Your intention, then, will be materialised in our physical world: to protect your home, to overcome obstacles, to ask for healing, to obtain answers, to welcome prosperity, to banish a problem .... and many other things.

It can represent an inanimate object (house, car, business ...), a totem animal, a deity, a guiding spirit ... Each doll will therefore be a unique creation for a unique purpose

Step 1 : The intention

What will your doll be used for? What is your goal or problem? Will it be long term or short term?

Your intention must be clear and precise:

    Health - Recovery
    Guardian of the house
    Guardian angel

Step 2: The making

Together, we choose the shape of the doll (character, animal, object...) as well as its colours. Its representation must speak to you and amplify your intention.

Examples :

    Cat doll for harmony in the home dedicated to Bastet
    Owl doll for making the right choice dedicated to Athena
    Wolf doll, totem animal, to bring strength and energy in a business
    Bird doll to bring light against evil dedicated to the Virgin Mary ...

It will then be made by Créa Dream Couture, magician dressmaker

Step 3: The birth

As a priestess and witch, I will be in charge of "waking up" the doll.

Your spirit doll will be filled with herbs, crystals, sigils and any other material necessary to create and amplify your message.

During a birth ritual, the doll's spirit will awaken and give me its name. It will then be ready to do the work, to act.


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Initial questionnaire

For a first contact and study of your request, please fill in the initial questionnaire

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Initial questionnaire

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