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Selenite Hexagonal Bowl - Small

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Selenite bowl. An indispensable tool for the ritual of offering to the deities or for recharging one's stones

Dispatched within 1 day

To be used as an offering bowl, to recharge your stones, to display your treasures... This beautiful selenite bowl will find its place on your altar.


Do not wet it because it decomposes. Fragile stone

The sizes and shapes may vary slightly and natural lines and inclusions may appear.

From Morocco

Diameter 5.5 cm - Height 3 cm

Composition: Selenite

Properties: It has soothing properties for the whole nervous system, brings a great serenity. It is also a good antispasmosic and useful against headaches.

Lithotherapy :

- Telepathic receptor

- Against disgressions of the mind

- Amplifies and clarifies information, which it changes into intuition

- Increases the mind's capacity for synthesis

- Cleanses places of negative energies

- Purifies the aura

- Calms and soothes

Chakras : crown

Divinities : Selene, Goddess of the White Moon

Purification :

Cleansing : Sun (never water) - Incense smoke

Recharging : Sun  





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