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Wheel of the Year

It's New Year's Eve. 

Like all Celtic festivals, Samhain has three days of solemnity: the first is dedicated to the memory of the heroes, the second to that of all the deceased and the third to popular and family celebrations. 

So let's celebrate Samhain with a good meal in which presents and good omens will be hidden: a ring for a wedding or engagement, a piece for wealth...

But let us not forget the deceased of the year and our ancestors: let us light the lanterns, let them have a place at our table, let us give them a part of the feast because otherwise... the curse could fall.

It is also the time of year when we purify our environment of life, friendships, love and work. It is time to get rid of the toxic things and people around us and take stock of your life. To leave in the past what no longer corresponds to us and start anew on a new and invigorating basis for body and mind, in short, a new year that is beginning!


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Postcard from Amandine Labarre celebrating the New Year, October 31
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Fall - October 31 -Moment of meeting and of possible trip between the visible and invisible worlds marks also the beginning of the Celtic year
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Talk to the spirits through this beautiful  board
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