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The sage is a powerful purifier - Expel the devils and evil spirit and causesprovokes) the luck in all the projects. Favor the meditation

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Sage (Salvia officinalis) 


The sage officinal (Salvia officinalis) is a sub-shrub of the Lamiaceae family, often cultivated in gardens as a condimental and officinal plant or simply for the beauty of its foliage and flowers. It is also called sacred herb or European tea.


Its name is already a kind of efficiency diploma since salvia comes from the Latin salvare which means "save","heal"; it is one of the sacred plants of the ancient ones.


Sage, a great protector, promotes healing, luck and prosperity:

Purification (ritual) - Cleaning of negativity (for tools, stones, crystals, places, people, aura)

Healing - Healing

Protection - Protection

Wisdom (concentration - clairvoyance)

- Chance


Research Esprits-guide and Animals-totem


Gods / Goddess: Zeus


Planet: Sun - Mars - Jupiter


Element: Fire - Air 


Sold in bags of 10 g


Herbs for burning on coal or storing in cloth bags 


Do not ingest

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