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» » » » Sage and Pirul seeds - Fumigation stick

Sage and Pirul seeds - Fumigation stick

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Two magical plants combine to purify, protect and bring healing

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 Used for centuries by Native Americans in cleansing rituals and purification ceremonies, the distinct and clean scent of white sage is supposed to drive away any evil spirits.  


White Sage
Purification, Purifies the sick room, removes negative energies. It is considered to be the most powerful herb for purification (aura, house, objects), to drive away evil spirits, disease and bad mood. Protection, intuition, wealth, well-being, wisdom. Solar incense


False pepper tree (Schinus molle)

The mulli tree is considered by the ancients as a benevolent and protective tree. Its flower elixir allows one to 'become aware of one's limits' and to work on them. It is related to the paternal archetype.  In the Andes, this tree is considered to be the refuge of the dead and it is not recommended to fall asleep under its shade. In Bolivia, people are said to still place molle branches in coffins.

Mexican curanderos (healers) use the branches of this false American pepper tree in their healing rituals; the branches are slowly passed over the patient's body to absorb the ailment, after which they are burned.

In healing bags, the leaves and berries, crushed, are often mixed with rue, and sometimes also with certain insect sprays.

In tropical and subtropical America, the small, bright red "peppercorns" of the Schinus plant are still protective. Even today, they are used to make necklaces and bracelets.

In the jungles of Honduras, stones bearing the fossilised imprint of plants, ferns and various leaves are frequently found; those that preserve a beautiful, clear imprint of the Schinus peppercorns are highly sought-after amulets.

Once the stick is lit, extinguish the flame by shaking the stick in the air to disperse the smoke and purify the area where you are.


Dimensions: 10 cm x 3.5 cm -35 grs.

Sold individually



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