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Roots of large elders

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Plant against evil spirits. It was assigned to the sun and was the essential ingredient in any solstice incense.

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Roots of large elders (Inula Helenium) 


La Grande Aunée (Inula helenium) is a large plant of Asian origin, naturalized for a long time in Europe, where it has been used for its medicinal virtues. It belongs to the genus Inula and the Asteraceae family. In this vast family, the Inules are close to the daisies.


Inula helenium comes from the fact that Helen would have had a branch of Aunée in her hand when she was taken by Paris.


La Grande Aunée is sometimes called Elderly Inule, a Germanic spice, panacea of horn, lioness or horse's eye, and more rarely Helenian Inule.


The Grande Aunée is ideal for ritual preparation:

Protective circle creation 

Increasing psychic powers

Protection of evil spirits

Connection with the spirits of nature


Gods / Goddess: Odin


Planet: Sun - Mercury


Element: Air


Sold in sachet of 35 g


Herbs for burning on coal or storing in cloth bags 


Do not ingest

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